Ahista | spilling the tea


Ahista: a name as nostalgic as it is rooted in Indianness, yet the tea brand behind it aims to elevate the experience of consuming tea by infusing it with contemporary interpretations. Founder Ashmit Patel has always cultivated a love for tea; when he started Ahista Tea, he wanted to change how the global audience perceives Indian tea. Now, the label houses a range of fantastic blends, premium teas, and tea accessories— all sustainable, timeless, and wherever possible, organic. Tying the entire collection of teas under the brand together is the nostalgia associated with them, and the emphasis on slow living, on actually enjoying the ceremony associated with drinking tea, and taking a step back to relish the moment. 

Each of their exquisite teas is sourced from small tea growers across the country, ranging from the Silver Needle in Arunachal Pradesh to Dragonwell in the Nilgiri Hills, and a carefully selected range in between. And while many brands focus on empowering women workers to cultivate and grow crops, Ahista takes it a step further by closely working with village panchayats to ensure that women get managerial roles with decision making powers, including a say in which teas to create. 

With partners that include Michelin-star restaurants, boutique hotels, and standalone cafes across the world, the Ahmedabad-based brand wants to continue exploring possibilities between food, art, and culture. According to Ashmit, their focus will always be on finding different ways to elevate the tea-drinking experience, and to continue to discover innovative methods to celebrate Indian tea. 

And that’s the tea on Ahista, our new favourite experimental tea brand. Shop a selection of their teas here.