Single Origin Isolation Essentials

By Garima Bakshi (Co-founder, Single Origin)

Is the glass half empty, or it is half full? When you’re down with COVID-19, the only thing that matters is what’s inside the glass.

Giloy Powder and Honey for Boosting Immunity

For months, I had managed to avoid the tiny coronavirus that has upended lives across the world, but when I finally got infected, to say that I was caught by surprise would be putting it mildly. 

The pros: I didn’t get any of the really bad symptoms (ie breathlessness or chest pain), I had enough people looking out for me by sending me food, groceries, and even books, and I caught it early enough to be able to deal with it efficiently.

The cons? It was bad.

But it could have been so, so, so much worse, the way it has been for thousands of people in India and outside. And with that in mind, I consider myself, and anyone else lucky enough to have a functioning immune system, enough room to isolate in, and resources to withstand 2+ weeks of sickness, blessed. 

Now to the good stuff: I had to figure this out for myself, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Here’s the stuff I ate and drank during my time with Covid.

What I drank to remind my immunity that it exists: 

Kadha mixed with honey, every morning. If anything can rev your immunity into action, it’s a combination of 12 different herbs & spices.

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What I drank when I lost my sense of smell & taste: 

Giloy powder, no honey added. If you have working senses of smell and taste, beware— this stuff is effective but potent. 

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What I ate:

Cheese, bread, some more cheese, crackers, and cheese. Did I mention cheese?

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What I drank to tackle dehydration: 

Kombucha. It restarts the system AND rehydrates, all in a few gulps. 

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What I ate to help kick my meds into action:

Ginger oats cookies, every morning. 

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What I drank to soothe my anxie-tea:

A cup of hot tea, an hour before bedtime every night.

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What I ate once my sense of smell & taste returned:

Masala dates!

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What I ate to celebrate my Covid-negative test result:

Ice cream!

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Stay safe and remember to hydrate!